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_we offer a service that is backed by forty years of success. Fontanot was the first brand to supply artisanal staircases as contract on demand service, continuing to evolve in a demanding, ever-changing market.

_we create solutions built on careful material selection, turing them into beautiful one of a kind centerpieces.

_we create unique and custom-made projects to meet the needs of even the most complex requests.

_we create a service backed by strong experience in building products to international safety standards. Fontanot meets ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, with a company policy that guarantees that all stairs and railings are constructed to a quality of excellence for its customers.

_we create through a team of expert designers, builders, and sales support. Every person on the Fontanot Contract team is involved in our projects, each with their own specialized abilities and strengths to develop each project from start to finish.

_we create a service that constantly accepts new challenges. Fontanot staircase manufacturering is built on an innovative view of both the company itself, and of all of the global stairway market.

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